The Arise Advantage

The Arise Advantage

We wanted the best quality tents possible, so we had to start making our own. Every Arise tent surpasses the quality of industry-standard tents and must pass our personal quality standard check before it makes it to the floor. Being in the tent rental business since 2001 has allowed us to develop design details that make our tents easier to set up, quicker to tear down, and more durable than others you’ll find on the market.

For a waterproof finish that will outlast our competition, we use welded and heat-sealed seams to protect the thread from drying out and cracking, prolonging the life of your tent. Most of the materials used to make our tents are sourced locally from other Ohio companies, and we make all of our poles, stakes, and ratchets. 

Choose from our selection of Frame, Canopy, Clear Top, and High Peak Tents or ask us to custom build a tent of the exact size you need. We offer same-day or within 8 regular business hour turnaround to get you a quote. We also carry tables and chairs!

Waterproof Finish
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Why Arise Tents?

Poorly-made tents do not make good rental items -- you'll end up spending more money in the long run to repair or replace them, and end up frustrated with their inefficiencies. It shouldn't be that difficult to find a high-quality, well-made tent that holds up to weather and everyday use.

Every tent sold at Arise Tents & Events is handmade by us. When we first got into the tent rental business, we quickly became frustrated with the quality of tent that was the industry standard. These sub-par tents were subject to dry rot, fraying, and poor craftsmanship. So, we decided to do better. All of our tents are manufactured here in Ohio and are durable and long-lasting, because we constantly field-test our designs to see how they can be improved.

If you need a custom tent designed, we can help. Tell us exactly what you need, and we will build your tent to order, with quick shipping.