Arise Tents + Events

Need help? Here are some of the most popular questions we get from customers.

What type of events do you provide tents for?

We provide tents, tables, chairs and linens for any kind of event. From the summer backyard barbecue to the large corporate event or county fair. We have sizes for all types of events and we’d be happy to inform you exactly what you need for your size of event.

Do I have to buy the tent?

The amount you pay Arise is to rent the tent, not buy it. However, we often have tents available for sale at a first-come, first-serve basis.

How long can I keep my tent if I rent it?

Tent rental price includes a 4 day rental and our team setting up and taking down the tent. This ensures that you have adequate time for any preparation and clean-up for your event.

What Size Tent Do I Need?

There are a few factors will have an effect on what size tent you will need. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to talk through with you what size tent we recommend.
Here are some things to think about that will play a part in your tent size:
• Number of guests
• Round or rectangle tables
• Dance floor/DJ
• Food lines
• Cake Table

Here is a guide to help you decide which tent size is right for you. Size Chart

You are in Sugarcreek, OH. Is my event too far away?

We try to ensure that we stay within a 75 mile radius of Sugarcreek, OH. But, we have travelled farther on special occasions—the best thing to do if you are more than 75 miles away from Sugarcreek is to call us and ask! We may still be able to help you get the resources you need for your event.

Delivery Pricing:

0-10 miles from Sugarcreek = $45.00
11 to 20 miles from Sugarcreek = $75.00
21 to 30 miles from Sugarcreek = $125.00
31 to 40 miles from Sugarcreek = $165.00
41 to 50 miles from Sugarcreek = $195.00
51 to 60 miles from Sugarcreek = $245.00
61 to 70 miles from Sugarcreek = $295.00
71 to 80 miles from Sugarcreek = $365.00
81 to 90 miles from Sugarcreek = $435.00
91 tp 100 miles from Sugarcreek = $495.00
Over 100 miles = $495.00 + $60.00 per 10 miles.

The delivery prices listed above is for tent delivery only. If you're also renting tables and chairs please multiply the cost x 2.

How will the weather effect my event?

Weather is the one unpredictable element of any event. Arise Tents & Events supplies high quality tents that are able to withstand minor and moderate weather. Below are details on how our tents fare in various weather scenarios.

Snow: Frame tents that have been rated for snow are able to take on a moderate snow load. If you plan to have your event during the winter when snow is a possibility, we recommend that you have a snow removal or heating program in place to make sure the integrity of the tent is protected.

Lightning: Most tents are capable of withstanding rain. When heavy rain and lightning enter the picture, you should seek shelter in a permanent structure. Tents are not a good place to be during a lightning storm.

Wind: Wind is the single biggest threat to any tent. Tents are given different wind ratings based on their type, but most tents can withstand gusts for a short period of time. However, even a brief squall can cause a tent to fail, especially if it is not set up properly. That’s why Arise Tents & Events always makes sure our tents are installed properly and safely for all of your guests.

Do I have to set anything up?

We install the tent for you at the requested location, and will come back to tear down after your event. Chair and table set up is available for an additional cost.

Do you offer linens, runners, napkins, etc.?

All of the above and more! We have a strategic partnership with Choice Party Linens and can provide you with the exact styles, colors and amount of choice linens you need for your event!


We offer recommendations for specific events, such as weddings, graduation parties, and more.


We are happy to offer financing options for anyone looking to purchase tents and accessories. Visit the link below for more information: