5 Ways To Throw A Memorable Baby Shower

5 Ways To Throw A Memorable Baby Shower

Baby showers are usually essential for new parents to get all the things they need for the new arrival, but that doesn’t mean they need to be a drab affair. Too many times guests find themselves wishing they were anywhere else but at the shower instead of enjoying the special moments with friends and family. Here are some tips for making the baby shower you’re throwing memorable—for all the right reasons.

1. Pick A Fun Location

Baby showers are supposed to be fun for everyone, not just for the parents, so head somewhere fun! The back room at a favorite restaurant is always a great pick or even a tent for a nice outdoor event that everyone can enjoy.

There are plenty of stellar options available if you only take the time to find them. Having a unique location is definitely more desirable, but regardless of where you host the big event, it can be great fun for everyone in attendance.

2. Rethink The Invitations

It’s super easy to pick up a pack of premade invitations at your local store, but there’s definitely a better way. Keep in mind that these invitations might be more than just a way to announce the shower; they are probably also going to be keepsakes for the family to remember this momentous occasion.

A new baby is an incredibly special gift, and the invitations for the baby shower should reflect that.

This is a good chance to be creative. Go nuts with it. Handmade invitations are certainly all the rage. Not everyone is crafty though, we get it. That’s not a problem, don’t worry.

There’s nothing wrong with getting invitations printed, just pay careful attention to the design and produce something worth cooing over. If you want to do something truly unique, put the announcement on the inside of a plastic Easter egg or attach it to a baby sock. There are about a zillion ways you can produce invites to be fabulous, you’ve just got to give it some thought.

3. Make The Favors Fun

Everyone likes candy so no one is bound to complain about a little bag of candy on their lunch plate, but with a bit of ingenuity, you can do better.

Food is always a winner, especially chocolate, but there are other options. Mini cheesecakes, cookie dough, and macaroons are also all very good. (You can’t go wrong with sweet treats.) What is really going to set your favor apart from the rest is the presentation. A special bag or fancy container can take this kind of favor from bland and boring to fun and fabulous.

Some other fun ideas to think about include:

  • Flowers
  • Small lotion bottles
  • Candles
  • Lip balm
  • Soap
  • Coffee beans

If you want to go crazy, a combination of things (including the candy, obviously) is sure to be appreciated by all who come to celebrate.

4. Skip The Games

Someone somewhere decided that socialization wasn’t enough at a party and came up with a bunch of adorable little games to pass the time. The problem is that just because a momma-to-be is in her third trimester doesn’t mean that she is free from nausea. Tasting baby food and licking mysterious brown substances from baby diapers may not be in her—or anyone else’s—best interest.

These games are traditional, yes, but you might be able to find other (and better) ways to spend your time together. For instance, find a great print out online and have everyone write down their wishes for baby. Bring some craft paint, stencils, and white onesies or white fabric and have everyone make a onesie or a decorative wall hanging for the little bundle. When worse comes to worse, food is always a big hit—have a cupcake or cookie decorating station ready to roll.

The classics can be a bit awkward, but with some other creative options, you can keep all the guests entertained and keep the party enjoyable.

5. Address The Thank You Cards Beforehand

This may not be relevant to the party itself, but you’ll be able to keep the stress of the parents to be by purchasing the thank you cards before the event and filling out the names and addresses as you address the invitations.

It’s the little things that go a long way, and this extra step that you take will make the hours that the parents need to spend recalling names and gifts and connecting all the dots a bit shorter. They can spend that extra time getting some rest before baby makes an appearance.

It’s Time To Welcome Baby!

This is a crazy time for everyone involved, but ultimately, everyone is excited to welcome this new, wonderful human being into the world. It’s your job, as the baby shower party planner, to make this event as special as the parents are and the baby will be!